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I Support Learning develops real world simulations where your students or “interns” discover and (most importantly) apply math, science, language, and technology skills as they will be needed in their jobs of tomorrow. This is project-based learning at its best. The programs draw students in through a first person experience where they are a part of a company at which their newly learned skills help solve problems for their customers. Through this self-directed experience the students practice 21st century skills and learn new technical skills and knowledge as they live it. The process makes the learning real, relevant, and captivating. Through this method, teachers become the facilitators of learning and add the important dynamic of mentor and coach into the experience. Specific benefits include: *Engages students so that they stay interested and focused on learning; *Aligns with standards to enable students to perform better on national and state assessments; *Teaches 21st century skills that prepares students for future careers; *Includes the resources and unlimited support teachers need to be better prepared to manage their classrooms more effectively and efficiently. Your students will: *Design new products and create actual prototypes; *Research science and technology; Learn about careers. Teacher Designed: Simply put – our curricula are designed with you in mind. Right from the start you are provided with a Teacher’s Resource CD that gives you quick video tutorials that turn months of prep time into one weekend. You’ll find out step-by-step exactly what the students will be working on and you will receive a rubric along with all the answers to the quizzes and worksheets. Flexibility: Each title is meant to introduce or enhance a technology skill, so you will want to plan for at least nine weeks to give each student time to work through the project and obtain the necessary skills to complete the finished product. However, many educators have shared that the curricula are well designed for an 18-week course to allow the students extra time to work, refine, and polish their final product, making it a work they can be proud of. You are the Facilitator of the Learning: Our courses are really fun to use. No longer are you weighed down with the need to know all about a topic. Our unique approach to self-directed learning will have your students learning at their own pace, meeting standards and learner expectations as you manage the learning process. Notice we said “Manage the learning process.” As a professional educator your expertise lies in learning. Our expertise lies in creating learning tools. Together we create a proven educational experience that engages your students in a self-paced environment where the technical skills are taught for you. This frees your time up to facilitate the learning for all and to focus your talents on helping struggling learners and not the need to teach and demonstrate all the material to the whole class. We support you on technical issues as well as course facilitation. All our unique teacher materials and support is designed to help you become a highly successful facilitator of learning.

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