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Using Color:  Creating Color Harmony - DVD

Item #: LS-128906
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Teach the “secrets” of color harmony. “Using Color” teaches the basics of creating color harmony and color schemes for interiors, wardrobes, and wherever color matters. The program “Color in Everyday Life” is about the psychology and theory of color, while “Using Color” is a practical “how to” program that shows how to use color to shape environments. Viewers learn how to put colors together to create beauty and comfort. They will learn about complementary colors, tints, shades, tones, pastels, hue, value, intensity, primary and secondary colors. Viewers learn to use a color wheel to create the three most common color schemes – monochromatic, related, and complementary. They see examples of each and learn the basics of putting them to work. Concepts taught in the program: Law of unequal areas; Advancing and receding colors; Cool and warm colors; Complementary and related colors; Primary and secondary colors; The importance of color values in design; The value of neutrals; The role of proportion in color choices; te idea of “visual weight.” What this program teaches about color harmony can be used for interiors, for fashion, for graphic design, for marketing, or just to understand a bit more of the “why” of beauty.
ISBN UPC: 0917159438
Format: DVD
Copyright: 2006
Length: 22 minutes


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