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The Not-So-Terrible Twos:  The Third Year of Life - DVD

Item #: LS-128605
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Mention two-year-old to parents and you can see them cringe a bit. But if you look closely, you can also see the hint of a smile. The third year of life is like that - a cringe here, a smile there, all mixed together in one of child development's most confusing and exciting years. Our acting talent for this program is carefully selected for their ability to be two years old. And their performances are certainly revealing. They illustrate: The major developmental milestones of the third year of life. The struggle between "I can do it myself" and "Mommy, you do it." How they work out contradictions between wanting to possess and to share, between yes and no, between creating and destroying. How they test the limits of their physical skills and move from the wobbly walk of a 24-month-old to the heel-to-toe walk of a 36-month-old. How scribbles evolve into organized forms and the child discovers the universal symbol of order - a circle. The growing ability of two-year-olds to follow story lines and make multi-step plans. The emergence of personal agency and the realization that people influence each other's feelings. The development of self-awareness and concern for others. Two-year-olds laugh their way into playful dances . . . And cry their way into temper tantrums.
ISBN UPC: 0917159217
Format: DVD
Copyright: 2005
Length: 22 minutes


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