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The 16 Foot Adirondack Guide Boat

Item #: SP-0005
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Every now and then you come across a boat design that is difficult to capture in words. The Adirondack Guide Boat is such a design. I first became interested in this boat when I saw an older gentleman rowing his guide boat among the ducks of Buttermilk Bay. Somehow the boat seemed to belong in that setting. Each stroke he took with the oars seemed to propel him without effort, quietly skimming across the surface of the chop and amongst the birds. As I am sure you can understand, I could not let an opportunity to talk to this man pass me by. I paddled my canoe over to learn he had owned his guide boat for most of his adult life and used it regularly to row the waters of Buttermilk Bay. The Adirondack Guide Boat has actually been around for some time. Designed out of necessity by north woodsmen in the Adirondack section of NY, this boat can be traced back as far as the mid to late 1800's in its current design. I have to admit that I was more than a little concerned about redesigning this boat for modern materials. The Guide Boat is full of curves. But this boat was a delight to build. Everything fit into place with a minimum of fuss, and I found this boat to be no more difficult to build than a basic canoe like the "Little Rob.” As for its rowing capabilities, it is fast, straight and stable: Simply a dream to row and just as easy to transport. It is a 16-foot boot with a hull weight of about 60 pounds and a 38” beam. With the “Boat Shop in a Box,” you buy a complete package to build your canoe. You will be ready to rip, strip, and row in a matter of hours after receiving the kit. The patterns are ready to be cut and with spray glue, tacked to 1/2" MDF panels. Then, simply use your jig saw to cut the patterns out of the wood. It is that easy. No lofting necessary. The plans that are included with the DVD's give you all the dimensions and specific information you need to build the boat on the DVD. The DVD is a real confidence builder. As professional boat builders, we tend to forget that we once needed to ask questions of someone. These in depth, feature-packed DVD's will teach you the tips and tricks that we have learned over the years from dozens of seasoned veteran boat builders. With the “Boat Shop in a Box,” there is no reason for you to put off owning your own custom built boat.
Author: Jack Battersby


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