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Robots and Invention

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Robots and Invention gives students a foundation into advanced manufacturing and automated systems. Students are immersed into a process that has them building robots from the ground up to solve a variety of industrial problems. As a new intern at a robotics company, your students will learn about systems control as they build and model different robot systems for welding, pharmaceutical production, and transportation. They will do this while immersed in a simulation that lets them experience firsthand one of the most exciting and fastest growing fields in technology today. This uniquely designed simulation curriculum gives your students the chance to develop their creative thinking skills while learning how we interact with artificial intelligence everyday. When they’re done – every student in your class will have learned how to design, model and program industrial style robots. Robots and Invention is a self-contained simulation curriculum that takes your students from the basics of drag and drop flowcharting to understanding how robots and system control is used to make our lives easier. Through self-directed tutorials (what we call a Certification) your students will be learning: Manufacturing systems; Robots and Control Systems; Programming and logic; Basics of robotic vision; Inputs (Sensors) and Outputs (Actions); Problem Solving and Troubleshooting; And many more topics… Robots are an important part of advanced manufacturing. Robots are now beginning to help clean our homes. Over the next 10, 20, 30 years – who knows what robots will be helping us do. But, on one thing we can be sure – there is a growing need for people to help understand and implement robotic technology. Your students will see the number of career opportunities in this area grow exponentially. Use the fun of working with and building robots to your advantage and attract more students to your program. Get and keep their attention by showing your students how math, language, and science are the tools that engineers and technicians use every day in creating robots that make our world better. Watch as your students become more engaged than ever before as they discover that they can create autonomous systems that get the work of industry done. Robots and Invention is easy to use – no special training is required – and no experience needed. We teach your students all that they need to know through our very interactive self-directed tutorials. We help you the teacher stay ahead of the students with our unique teacher support materials and online teacher resources. Our curriculum takes your students from an understanding of how robots and control systems affect our lives every day to where their future could be in industry. In less than one planning period you can be ready to implement this curriculum into your class. If a question should arise, you can always call us for answers - we’re just a call or quick email away. Pricing is for a single seat at a single site. Other options are available. Please call 1-800-343-6430.


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