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Oxyacetylene Welding, Cutting, and Brazing

Item #: HBT-DV30.0
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Covers oxyacetylene welding basics; introduction; safety and health; assembly of equipment & preparation for welding; stringer bead, flat position, without & with filler metal; fillet weld, lap joint, horizontal position; inside corner joint, horizontal position; inside corner joint vertical position up; lap joint, vertical position, up; weld quality inspection; square groove weld, butt joint, flat position; vertical position up; overhead position; horizontal position; introduction to flame cutting (manual & machine); square & bevel cut, flat position, manual; visual test; single V-groove weld, butt joint, flat position; single groove weld, guided bend test; single V-groove weld, butt joint, vertical position up; overhead position; horizontal position; the application of fuel gases for welding and cutting; single V-groove weld, butt joint pipe welding, 5G position; 2G position; introduction to brazing & braze welding; square groove braze weld, butt joint, flat position; fillet braze weld, corner joint, cast iron, flat position; break test; lap joint, copper, horizontal position; square groove weld, butt joint, flat & vertical position up; edge bead weld, hard surfacing. Each of these curriculum packages is a complete modular course. They can be put together in any combination to develop welding programs which meet your training needs. Video modules are designed to present core information and model proper techniques, so that students can work through the videos and practice sessions independently, with the aid of their workbooks and coaching from you. The materials are designed around the American Welding Society's S.E.N.S.E. Standards, curriculum guidelines, and qualification tests. Each course is divided into skill and theory modules. Each skill topic includes a video segment that demonstrates the welds students are expected to perform. Separate modules present theory. All skill modules feature close-up arc shots from the welder's perspective. Flare is filtered out, so that students get a clear, under-the-hood view into the puddle, and they hear the sound of the arcs. They develop a sense of what a good arc sounds like. Each skill module starts with a graphic of the workpiece with animated weld symbols as the weld in introduced. The same graphics appear in the workbook. Each workbook includes an extensive glossary of AWS terms and definitions. Each curriculum package contains a video set; an instructor's guide which includes instructions for implementing each topic and answer keys for the written tests; one student workbook; one technical guide (contains additional information on the welding process); and 50 copies of each written test.
Format: Video
Copyright: 1995
Length: 186 minutes


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