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Oxy-Acetylene Welding: Safety and Welding - DVD

Item #: CEV-80814
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Welding students receive a thorough introduction to oxy-acetylene equipment necessary for successful welding and cutting. Live-action footage includes setup and safety; proper care of equipment; name, purpose, and installation of each piece of equipment; and demonstration of the correct and safe way to set up a station for operation, including setting up working pressures. Procedures for checking the cylinder valves for proper operation and detection of leaks in cylinders and equipment are demonstrated in this program. The use and importance of reverse flow check valves to prevent back flow of acetylene and/or oxygen also is explained. This is a must-see program for students involved with Oxy-Acetylene welding. Proper safety, clothing, and operation are discussed in this welding presentation. Exceptional video footage provides viewers with step-by-step demonstration of the proper way to turn on cylinders, set working pressures and adjust flames for different uses. Rods and fluxes utilized in welding and brazing, as well as methods for metal preparation, are discussed. Welds performed include a puddle, bead with a filler rod, butt-weld, lap-weld, T-weld, and outside corner-weld. Tinning (brazing) and multi-pass fillet (bronze welding) are demonstrated. Each weld is accompanied by expert narration and followed by a weld evaluation. Presented are safety instructions involved in setting-up and shutting-down the oxy-acetylene hand torch and track torch, proper attire and safety equipment , turning on cylinders and adjusting regulators to attain correct working pressures, assembling the torch and necessary equipment for cutting. Utilizing varying thicknesses of metal, ten different cuts with the hand torch and track torch are demonstrated and discussed by a veteran welder and teacher. This DVD is a combination of four DVDs - #814, 815, 816, & 817.
ISBN UPC: 9781595356697
Format: DVD
Author: CEV
Copyright: 1991
Length: 25 minutes


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