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Germs and Viruses:  A Self Defense Guide - DVD

Item #: LS-129806
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We think of germs as serial killers, but the vast majority behave more like servants. If we killed off all the germs on earth, it would be goodbye humans. We need germs to survive. Discover common misconceptions about microorganisms and learn which to fear, which to welcome, and how to protect yourself. Learn: The best way to prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from infecting you. How bacteria differ from viruses. When and why to wash your hands. Health care experts estimate that poor hand washing costs billions of dollars yearly. By the way, water does not drown germs, nor does soap kill them. Why we’ll never have an antibiotic that fights the common cold. Why anti-bacterial soaps and lotions might promote the growth of bacteria. How to use a public washroom and protect yourself against pathogens. Why bacteria love sponges, dish rags, and soap dishes. How to keep food safe. How to avoid the common cold.
ISBN UPC: 091715956X
Format: DVD
Copyright: 2006
Length: 20 minutes


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