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Food & Fire:  The Science (and Magic) of Cooking - DVD

Item #: LS-127504
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Food & Fire is ideal for classes in cooking as well as science. Cooking is a craft, an art, and an applied science. Knowing some of the science can make a cook into a better artist. This program is fun to watch as it teaches the basics of heat and temperature (no, they're not the same) while illustrating that cooking IS chemistry. Learn about convection, conduction, radiation, and what they have to do with baking, roasting, frying, and boiling. What can hang gliders teach about baking a potato? Why can you put your hand in a hot oven but not in boiling water that is only half a hot! Why don't we bake a hot dog or roast a cake? Why do marshmallows and bread turn brown when toasted? Can you learn to listen to a French fry and read a steak? What does soap have to do with deep frying? Would you eat a cake baked in a radiation chamber? How long does it take to boil a "three-minute egg"?
ISBN UPC: 0917159284
Format: DVD
Copyright: 2004
Length: 22 minutes


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