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Fiber Optic Active Devices - DVD

Item #: LB-W6D191
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These DVDs incorporate on-site video clips, animations, and graphics to enhance the learning and viewing experience. Over the past two years, The Light Brigade staff has used its extensive experience in training and education to develop individual DVDs that focus on fiber-optic disciplines and related products. These menu-selectable DVDs allow an instructor to tailor the course and subject matter to a specific audience. In addition, each DVD includes added bonus materials such as instructor and student quizzes. Electronics play an important role in all fiber optic systems because they provide an interface between the optical fiber and transmission equipment. Many of these components contain both optical and electronic elements, and are thus called "opto-electronic." Electro-optic components fall into two broad categories: devices that convert signals between optical and electrical formats, such as transmitters and receivers; and devices that manipulate light but are powered or controlled by electronic circuits, such as optical amplifiers and modulators. Active devices are electronic components made up of semiconductor materials that actively manipulate electrons to perform the intended function. They require a source of energy to operate and have an output that is a function of present and past input signals. Types of active devices include controlled power supplies, transistors, light sources, amplifiers, and transmitters. This DVD examines the wide array of active devices that are available for fiber optic communications systems, as well as related topics such as thermal noise, loss budgets, optical sub-assemblies, component and system analysis and bit error rate testing. Topics include: The theory and fundamentals of electro-optical components; Optical sources, such as LEDs, VCSELs, laser diodes, and optical amplifiers; PIN, PIN-FET and APD detectors and their application in opto-electronic systems; Transmitters and receivers, and how active components are manufactured, integrated, and tested; Design and packaging for active optical components, and the roles of sources, detectors, transimpedance amplifiers, clock and data recovery, mux/demux, heat sinks and transponders; Transceiver modules, such as TOSA, ROSA, MSA, XENPACK, X2, XPAK, SPF, and XFP; and How to employ test equipment with active devices to verify performance, quality and operation, and to characterize components.
Copyright: 2008
Length: 118 minutes


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