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Elements of Human Nutrition:  Carbs - DVD

Item #: LS-128509
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What's all the fuss about carbs? Low carb foods, no carb diets. Just what is carbohydrate? Should you avoid it because it makes you fat? Find out in Carbs, a fast-paced entertaining explanation of the role of carbohydrates in your diet. Did you know we wear carbohydrates, write on carbohydrates, and even live in "a house of carbs?" Did you know you can identify which soft drink is regular and which is the diet verson without tasting it or reading the label - if you understand carbs. Learn the role of glucose. Understand fructose, sucrose, and lactose and learn the role of sugars in the diet. Learn why people who go on a crash carb avoidance diet lose weight and why carbohydrate is a more efficient fuel than protein. Learn about blood sugar, insulin, diabetes, and the glycemic index. Learn that avoiding carbs is not the best way to control weight. Understand that the typical North American diet does have a carb problem, but that carbs are not "evil" foods.
ISBN UPC: 1557405425
Format: DVD
Copyright: 2009
Length: 21 minutes


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