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Companion:  A 16 Foot, Two Person Open Paddle Canoe

Item #: SP-0003
Our Price: $90.00
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The Companion is a great two-person tripper for flat water that holds a sizable load for extended trips for camping, fishing, or hunting your favorite chain of lakes or large, slow moving rivers. There is no appreciable rocker or tumble home on Companion so white water is not advisable for this design. We do have a white water open canoe design (see the Chestnut). The up swept ends and the shortened breast hooks give this canoe a distinctive profile that will surely catch everyone's eye. All of the trim is made by using simple jigs and a little creativity from woods readily available from your local lumber supplier. If you have never steam bent wood before (and you probably haven't), you will be amazed how a $30 dollar tea kettle and a 5-foot section of PVC pipe will make the hardest of White Ash bend around your stem form. It is these little details that will give your boat the ability to turn heads. And it is easy. After you get your stems in place and your forms all mounted, unbridled enthusiasm will take hold of you and before you know it you will find yourself fitting the final strip in your hull. This is usually where thoughts of the next boat start to creep into your head, but stay focused. There is paddling to be done, and you still have some work to do on this boat. I have known people who could not stop putting strips on the boat once they started and stuck with it all day and into the night and actually finished off the hull in one day. (I am one of those people.) Take a little time with your favorite drink and music playing and plan out a little detail in the stripping of the hull. The detail you see here was the simple but strategic use of Western Red Cedar with Basswood as accent strips, to give it that little added touch. Once you get this far, it is all down hill. You are just days away from paddling. With the “Boat Shop in a Box,” you buy a complete package to build your canoe. You will be ready to rip, strip, and row in a matter of hours after receiving the kit. The patterns are ready to be cut and with spray glue, tacked to 1/2" MDF panels. Then, simply use your jig saw to cut the patterns out of the wood. It is that easy. No lofting necessary. The book is included as a downloadable pdf. It gives you all the dimensions and specific information you need to build the boat on the DVD. For those of you who prefer to just follow the books, they are available to download as part of a package. These books are packed with the details you need to build the boat of your choice. They also have a wealth of knowledge for general boat building using the strip built method. There is a complete listing of the tools, materials and consumables that you will need to complete the boat. Each step of the hull construction process is meticulously detailed with text and dozens of pictures. The DVD is a real confidence builder. As professional boat builders, we tend to forget that we once needed to ask questions of someone. These in depth, feature-packed DVD's will teach you the tips and tricks that we have learned over the years from dozens of seasoned veteran boat builders. With the “Boat Shop in a Box,” there is no reason for you to put off owning your own custom built boat.
Author: Jack Battersby


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