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Bay Hawk:  A 16 Foot, Classic Covered Canoe

Item #: SP-0002
Our Price: $90.00
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At just under 16 feet and designed for a solo paddler, this canoe will take you out for a day or a week! Building the Bay Hawk is likely an experience that you will not soon forget; paddling her is an experience that you will never forget. This boat is fast, tracks well, and does not mind a little chop. It is well suited for lakes or protected bays. The sleek hull lines with a darted entry, protruding outer stems, and lack of rocker make this boat want to go forward in a hurry. Unlike a traditional open canoe (such as the Companion), this boat was designed to use a double paddle or kayak paddle (similar to Little Rob) to propel it forward. The paddler sits on a cushion right on the bottom of the boat, giving the boat a low center of gravity and the paddler a high degree of confidence. If you love the idea of kayaking but hate the idea of being trapped like a cork in a bottle, then this is the boat for you. You can paddle side by side with someone in a kayak but still have the ability to get up on your knees for a stretch now and then. Because there is a water tight bulkhead both fore and aft in this boat, it is capable of what is known as a roll in recovery. I have personally tried to sink this boat without success. If built properly, the flotation provided by the fore and aft compartments will keep the shear line of the boat above the water even if capsized. If you happen to tip over, you can simply tip the boat on its side and roll back into it. (If you are going to try to learn this move, be sure to master it in water you can stand in.) The added details (like the gunwale caps, curved deck lines, large deck hatches, and storage compartments) are simply not seen anymore in production boats. Most of these details went away when mass production and profit became more important than craftsmanship. I remember a couple of years ago when I brought the prototype of this boat to the lake for a spin, I was surrounded by other boaters, getting waves from the shore, and watching traffic slow down as people tried to get a peak at this amazing and unique boat. This boat is just under 16 feet long and made for a one person paddle. If you are thinking about building the Bay Hawk, you will not be sorry. With the “Boat Shop in a Box,” you buy a complete package to build your canoe. You will be ready to rip, strip, and row in a matter of hours after receiving the kit. The patterns are ready to be cut and with spray glue, tacked to 1/2" MDF panels. Then, simply use your jig saw to cut the patterns out of the wood. It is that easy. No lofting necessary. The book is included as a downloadable pdf. It gives you all the dimensions and specific information you need to build the boat on the DVD. For those of you who prefer to just follow the books, they are available to download as part of a package. These books are packed with the details you need to build the boat of your choice. They also have a wealth of knowledge for general boat building using the strip built method. There is a complete listing of the tools, materials and onsumables that you will need to complete the boat. Each step of the hull construction process is meticulously detailed with text and dozens of pictures. The DVD is a real confidence builder. As professional boat builders, we tend to forget that we once needed to ask questions of someone. These in depth, feature-packed DVD's will teach you the tips and tricks that we have learned over the years from dozens of seasoned veteran boat builders. With the “Boat Shop in a Box,” there is no reason for you to put off owning your own custom built boat.
Author: Jack Battersby


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